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Goal of the Young Aztecs RFC:


Introduce the sport of rugby to the youth of San Diego County with an emphasis on safety, camaraderie and sportsmanship where the teaching of fundamental skills, strategies and tactics of rugby are emphasized with a focus on mastery, inclusion and participation. 


Please keep in mind that the U8 and U10 divisions are developmental divisions, and while the U12 is competitive (keep score and standings within the league) we are still a developing club with many players (and parents) that are new to the sport and the rugby community. There are many challenges that we face.:



  1. Teaching a game to players when action never stops. As much as we work hard in practice, there is nothing like a game. And, the game does not stop to allow for constant coaching (like baseball, or football). 
  2. Keeping focus on the how we are doing against our goals of development and understanding the game vs. wins and losses. 


If we all keep in mind that this is new to many, that the game could look like a quagmire at times (but can evolve into a thing of beauty), and look for the progress of development over the season, it will be a positive and rewarding experience for everyone.



Where we practice:

High School Teams practice at various facilities.  Please be in touch with your High School Coach or look at the Team information on this site to ascertain where your particular HS Age team practices.

The Young Aztecs, U8 - U18 practice at Dusty Rhodes Park in Ocean Beach. The Aztec Warriors practice at the Mira Mesa Rec Center located at 8575 New Salem St., San Diego, CA 92126. Unless otherwise informed, club practices are on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please contact your individual coach for exact practice times.



The 'Season':

Pre season games for U-8 to U14 start in December and the official season kicks off in January.  Regular season games end in late March.  For those teams that make the play offs and continue to do well in league competition games may continue into early May.  Generally, the high school rugby season starts its practices in early November and goes through the end of January/beginning of February.  High School teams that continue to do well in play offs may continue into May.  The U16 U18 season opens as the high school season draws to a close and ends in May. However, for those U16 - U18 teams that continue to do well in the play offs, games can go into June.




What is Seven's Rugby?

Seven's Rugby is a fast paced variation of regular rugby where there are seven players on a side playig for seven minutes per half.  The entire match lasts less than 20 minutes. Seven's play is usually tournament style with three or more games per team and between several rugby clubs.  Seven's rugby is usually played in the summer so you may see it referred to as 'Summer Sevens'.


Who do we play against?

We are scheduled to play against the teams based in San Diego, many of which are listed below: We may meet up with teams from all over Southern and Northern California in tournaments or playoffs.


  • Coastal Dragons
  • Oceanside Hurricanes
  • Del Mar Mustangs
  • Ombac Wallabies
  • Fallbrook Rugby Club
  • NC Barbarians
  • Temecula Lions


Who can play with the Aztec Youth Rugby?

The Aztec Youth Rugby Club will have teams for U8 (boys and girls), U10 (boys and girls), U12 (boys and girls), U14 (boys), U16 (boys and girls), U18 ( boys and girls).

A players age group is determined by the age of the athlete on August 31 of the year prior to the season.




What equipment do I need to play rugby?

You will need a good mouthguard and cleats.  This the extent of the 'equipment'.  Soccer cleats work very well for rugby, American football shoes with the cleat at the toe do not.  Regardless of what type of shoes, rugby cleats or soccer cleat, they must be in good repair repair: no sharp edges, no loose cleats etc. The club will provide players with T-shirts, shorts, socks, and kit bags for new players.  Team jerseys are handed out prior to the beginning of each game and collected afterwards to be washed by the MVP of the game.  ( Yes, you read that correctly!  The MVP washes the jerseys to show he serves the team as they were the ones who supported him to MVP!) 



What hosting means:

We in the rugby world are family. As the home and hosting team we welcome the competitors to our place with open arms, warm smiles, a desire for a strong competitive match on the field, and serving a friendly meal and drink afterward. We offer respect and gratitude for a match well played. As you know we have made all preparations to serve the masses, and I would like to thank those who have volunteered their time to help. For those who are around, don’t be afraid to ask how you might lend a hand, or just make sure our visitors feel at home. 






Logistics for games:

You will see the fields lined and marked off with poles and ropes. Parents, please stay behind the ropes and off the playing fields. Interaction with child during game:


For U8, U10, and U12s, please refrain from interacting with your child during the match as it is a big distraction. Please give them the drinks they need for the match and leave them to the coaches for the full 40 minutes. Yes, some players are going to get “roughed up” and even bruised and scraped. If one of those is your child, we ask that you remain behind the ropes until summoned by one of the coaches. We will not keep you from your injured child, but we will make sure he is injured and not just getting used to the roughness of the sport.


Enjoy the sport:

Sit back, watch and enjoy the game. Provide positive reinforcement for all the kids and for all their efforts. Leave the coaching to the coaches and the cheering to the parents. We thank you for this. Also, make notes of your questions during the match and any of the coaches will be glad to answer your questions after the match. There will be plenty, there always is and we are here to help you, as well as your child, understand the rules and the game.



After all is said and done, the boots are off, the players showered, and the next practice taking shape, the Young Aztecs RFC will be remembered for 3 things after every match. Those 3 things are:


  1. Our level of competition and fitness. 
  2. Our level of sportsmanship. 
  3. Our level of hospitality and camaraderie provided.