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To foster an environment of positivity,  focusing on development, mastery, competition, and honoring the game.  We combine the excitement of Youth Rugby with an emphasis on commitment, effort, respect, honesty, sportsmanship and a sense of community.


Aztec Core Values


Respect the game, players, coaches, parents and opponents at all times                         Embrace all players, regardless of athletic ability                                                                 Strive to win, but value sportsmanship and integrity more                                                 Promote a safe and positive environment in which our athletes can participate                       Expect commitment and support from every member of the club                               Congratulate great effort wherever you find it                                                                     Take responsibility for our actions and our community


Anticipate a community that goes beyond rugby

Live by our code of conduct and behavior

Leave the competition on the field; treat our opponents as family, before and after the match